Sunday, June 30, 2013


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Coach Chuck Kriese's American Tennis guest is Reid Carlton, former All-American at Duke University and 2nd year tour professional. Reid was a guest on an earlier show, and he talks today about his last 9 months on the Futures tour and what it has taken him to reach the top 500 on the ATP tour. Reid has always been ranked in the top 10 in the US rankings and was ranked #1 in the US college doubles rankings as well He has made great strides and is now 43 of all American touring pros. He talks passionately about the process and what it will take him to climb to the top 100 of pro rankings. He is a man of conviction and this interview gives every youngster, coach and parent great insights into the process of being a touring professional in todays tennis world. Reid's overall knowledge and attitude toward the process are refreshing and uplifting.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


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American Tennis with Chuck Kriese interviews Mitchell Frank, the hero of the 2013 NCAA tournament. Mitchell lead the University of Virginia to its first National Championship over UCLA as he made an improbably comeback in his 'last-match-on-the-court' victory. What makes his victory even more heroic is that Mitchell suffered a knee injury last summer and 6 tedious months of rehabilitation as he came into the summer. Mitchell has a very disciplined and insightful look at how to overcome adversity and how to plan for the long-run approach to a tennis professional career. Mitchell was the #1 ranked collegiate player as a freshman at the University of Virginia in 2012 and is the only player in the history of college tennis to win both the All-American championships and the Collegiate National Indoors in the same year. This is a great show for youngsters who are aspiring to a professional career to listen to. Parents and coaches will get great insight from Mitchells experiences and words.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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American tennis with Chuck Kriese interviews Coach David Geatz of the University of Pennsylvania. Dave was formerly coach at Cornell, University of Minnesota and New Mexico. He has a great perspective on what is going on with the development of players in the USA as he has also coached overseas in Hong Kong. Dave has a straight-forward outlook on training and player development. His championship teams at Minnesota set a standard for Big 10 Play as the Gophers dominated conference play throughout the 1990s. Dave speaks about college tennis, junior tennis and what is right and what could be better. Tune in to listen to this great coach and teacher as he gives insights of truth and depth.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


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American Tennis with Chuck Kriese interviews Coach Bob McKinely. Bob is one of the greatest player/coaches of all time in USA tennis. He was the 1968 National boys champion as he won Kalamazoo. Bob went on to a stellar career at Trinity University where his 1972 Trinity Team won the NCAA championships under the tutelage of coaching great Clarence Mabry. His teammates of Dick Stockton and Brian Gottfried went on to be two of the greatest players in history. Bob reached top 50 in world rankings as a professional. Bob then went to coach at his Alma-mater Trinity University where his teams were top 5 in USA for 10 years. Bob is currently the asst Coach at Texas A&M University. His insights are great for players, coaches and parents. His directives to being a top player and his viewpoints on American Tennis are deep and accurate.