Thursday, October 31, 2013

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OCTOBER 30, 2013; 'AMERICAN TENNIS WITH CHUCK KRIESE AND JIM POLING'Jim Poling has been a top junior player growing up in Florida in the 1960s, a college coach at 5 different schools and a teacher of tennis for many years. Jim coached at Miss. State, South Alabama, Tulsa, Rollins College and now is a West Point. Jim explains those critical stepping stones that tennis presented for him throughout his life and explain why it is such an important sport for young people to play. He gives examples of his own children and the different paradigm that he has when it comes to their play compared to those things that he has to do with his college team. This is a further program in Chuck Kriese's presentation of tennis as one of the best teaching tools for young people in preparation for life.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AMERICAN TENNIS WITH CHUCK KRIESE AND BRAD EMENDORFER - OCTOBER 23, 2013 Brad Emendorfer became on of the top Junior Tennis players in the United States with limited opportunity growing up in a small town in Tennessee. He went on to play College Tennis where he was a team captain and worked his way to the top position on that team. He now runs a successful independent franchise of restaurants. He gives an account of the many lessons that he learned as a junior and college tennis player and how they now relate to those ups and downs that he experiences in the business world. This very entertaining interview is the 3rd week in a row that Coach Chuck Kriese goes into the leadership aspects that tennis teaches a youngster and how it relates to other part of life.
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AMERICAN TENNIS WITH CHUCK KRIESE AND BETSY WILLIAMS - OCTOBER 16,2013 Betsy Williams has been a CPA and a financial Planner for many years. Coach Chuck Kriese's American Tennis show interviews her as she lays out solid fundamentals of financial planning and important steps for each and every tennis play/coach to take in planning of their future financial needs. She lists 5 very important steps to becoming financially independent and also the do's and the don'ts of independent proprietorships. She explains how each player should set up their finances from the start and then how to plan for the future with their investments. This is a must show for any coach that wants to own his/her own business.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Dr. Jim Poole, one of the nations most revered specialists in the treatment of childhood ADD and ADHD, comes back to the 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' show to discuss ongoing work in the area of 'FASTBRAIIN'. 'FASTBRAIIN' is his program of treatment of the youngsters that previously were looked at as having an attention disorder DIFICIENCY. His Fastbraiin approach puts these youngsters in a positive light as he explains that the youngsters should actually be looking at this as their 'Edison Gene' gift as they learn how to use their different mental quickness positively throughout their lives. Dr. Poole came on Kriese's show on January 2, 2013 and explained the phenomena in great depth. He now talks about his new work and goes into more detail how coaches, teachers and parents can now look at what was previously looked at a deficiency and make it a Positive asset. An extremely interesting take on this area that was previously looked at as a handicap.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Jim McCready on 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese.' This is a continuation of interviews of coaches, teachers and motivators that investigate reasons for the lack of motivation in American youth today. McCready speaks from the view-point of 30 years of coaching and the teaching of youngsters, as well as the management of personnel. He gives very interesting insights as to what the changes in youngsters discipline might be ranging from it being Cyclical to the potential of our work ethic and culture being dumbed down by over-regulation. The interview is informative and entertaining as other coaches call into the show and give their opinions as well. American Tennis is a program that investigates multiple areas within the American culture and talks each week about those things that are most important to the development of tennis in the USA.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Today's show features an interview with Craig Jones, who is the USTA director of 10 and under tennis. Craig has traveled the country in the last 2 years to promote 10 and under tennis and has met with many adverse opinions on how , where and why the USTA should have this 10 and under program for youngsters. He delivers a very fair picture of the entire program and answers those questions that are most pressing about the USTA program. The most controversial part ofthis is, "Why did the USTA find it necessary to Mandate all 10 and under competition as green ball evens while not allowing Yellow ball events for youngsters." Chuck Kriese balances this debate and also allows call-ins that dispute the USTA stance on 10 and under tennis.


Coach Chuck Kriese uses the entire program to discuss the radical changes that are being made in college tennis. Recently the USTA in conjunction with some NCAA athletic directors have put forward a proposal to change the format for dual matches for colleges. The format excludes doubles from the match and is supposed to be done on a trial basis this year. In response, the ITA (intercollegiate tennis assoc) has come up with a format that has never been used in the history of tennis. In response, coach Kriese goes into great detail of what should be done to protect the game of tennis from these radical changes. This program is extremely informative to learn about the many things going on in college tennis today.