Thursday, March 6, 2014


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Dr. Ray Brown is called the 'Thomas Paine' of USA tennis by Coach Chuck Kriese. There is not a more outspoken coach in USA than Coach Ray Brown. He has very articulately fought many mandates and movements taking place in the world of tennis. He is a traditionalist and believes that each and every coach should have the freedom to bring their own teaching methods to the court, and that tennis should be an open and free market endeavor. This interview is a must for anyone who wants to be brought up to date with the inter-workings and politics of USA tennis. Dr. Brown also talks in length about the challenges of teaching and coaching the modern day athlete.


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Brian Boland is the University of Virginia's tennis coach. No other coach has been more successful over the past 10 years. The University of Virginia won the 2013 NCAA championship and Brian has sent many players into the professional ranks. Coach Kriese interviews Brian about his team and also they talk in length about highly controversial ITA scoring rules that have jolted the foundation of college tennis. Boland takes a long range approach to coaching and the development of players as he believes it is first an educational endeavor and second an entertainment forum. This is a highly entertaining interview that keeps the listener up to date with the latest trends in college tennis.


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Coach Kriese interviews Bobby Verdun. Bobby Verdun has been a tennis and basketball player and coach. He has taken those skills learned in these sports and transferred them into leadership training and his entrepreneurial management business. Verdun expresses very well how and why youngsters should be in sports and learning their lessons of life through them. He has very strong opinions on how and why we have dumbed down learning opportunities in today's generation of youngsters. This interview gives great insights that every parent and teacher could hear.


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February 12, 2014 Show - Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Ed Krass on 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese.' Ed Krass has been a leading entrepreneur in the tennis world for 25 years. The former Harvard coach has taken novel ideas and turned them into successful businesses. He is in his 25th year of 'The College tennis Academy' which acts as a training/exposure camp for college hopefuls in tennis. he has promoted his one-on-one doubles concept for 10 years which reintroduces important doubles skills to the game for youngsters and adults. His tournaments are famous in the Florida Tennis arena and are now being done in conjunction with many other US tennis events. This is a continuation of Coach Kriese's programs hi-lighting American Tennis entrepreneurs.