Thursday, September 12, 2013


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Coach Bryan Minton is interviewed by Coach Kriese. Coach Minton is the coach of Shelby Rogers, one of the top Women's players in USA tennis. Bryan tells the story of bringing Shelby from an 8 year old beginner to one of the top players in the world. He talks about the program of keeping things simple and showing his student the next step while allowing her to see what the future can hold by exposing her at early ages to the top players in the world as well. he also talks about the art of scheduling for youngsters at each and every stage. Bryan went out of the box and did not use the same format for scheduling that most youngsters used. He explains the steps in skillfully bringing a player through the ranks of juniors to young adolescents to the professional stages. This program teaches every coach a lot about the importance of unique handling of each and every player.


Coach Kriese has been following a pattern of 'Motivation of America's youth' as he interview Mr. Bob Verdun. Bob Verdun explains many specific aspects of why our youngsters are not as motivated to excellence as they might have been in past generations and also offers solutions to the problems. he is a former Basketball and tennis coach. His teaching inspires youth and business people alike. His old-fashioned meat and potatoes approach to motivation is quite refreshing to hear and to learn from.


Popular Sports Internet Radio with UR10s on BlogTalkRadio
Brian Gottfried is Coach Kriese's guest on 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' program. Brian is one of the greatest players to ever play the game as he has won 79 tour events and 5 grand-slam titles. He is now a coach and inspires youth to grow to their highest levels of play through his wonderful tutelage. He speaks of what he feels are the most important aspects of bringing players up through the ranks and talks about his own experiences as well. listen to his exciting remarks and share some of the best insights ever about the game.