Friday, December 27, 2013

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American Tennis with Chuck Kriese December 11, 2013. Todays show hosts Patrick Barthe whose work with College Tennis On-Line has been the fastest growing website for collegiate tennis over the past 5 years. Patrick has recently launched the first collegiate coaches Poll. This is week three of the hosting of great tennis Entrepreneurs in American Tennis. Patrick gives the wonderful history of College Tennis On-Line and how it was formed and what the mission is today. It is the number 1 website posted on Google. This informative show gives the listener tremendous insights to what is the true pulse-beat into the politics of American College tennis.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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Guest: Aaron Fox of 'Grips Program' December 4, 2013 American Tennis with Coach Chuck Kriese - This is week on of a 4 special programs on Great American Tennis Entrepreneurs in America. The focus is to stimulate coaches to think out of the box and to create ways for our youngsters to love the sport and to excel. Coach Kriese's guest is Aaron Fox, one of the founders and developers of 'Grips' Program for youngsters. Aaron and Coach Craig Cigarelli have been pioneers in junior tennis training for the past 7 years as they have spread their wonderful program to youngsters, coaches and parents around the globe. 'Grips' follows closely the colors of Karate Belts that youngsters earn as they acquire skill sets in the sport. More than the level of motivation that their program provides for youngsters to learn the desire to excel in the sport of tennis, Aaron talks about the Entrepreneurial skills that has led his own motivation to do what is hard in this marketing arena of tennis. He and Craig have persevered and the fruit of their labor is coming to

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Sports Podcasts with UR10s on BlogTalkRadio
New Sports Podcasts with UR10s on BlogTalkRadio
Coach Chuck Kriese's Thanksgiving American Tennis Show - Counting our Blessings one by one by one. Special Guests today count their tennis blessings. Guests Mike Sprengelmeyer, coach Chuck Waldron, Coach Tom Higgins, Coach Ed Dickson, Coach Alex Slezak, Coach Kim Gidley, Coach Mark Hancock, Coach JP Weber and more are guest today. This is a wonderful tribute to the sport of tennis and all of the blessings that so many people have experienced from the sport. Tune in and make your day go better!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Kim Gidley coach of the US Air Force Academy Lady Falcons. This enlightening interview talks about one of the greatest leadership development programs in the country for women. The program teaches young women how to use tennis on a varsity collegiate team as that tool for leadership development. Coach Gidley speaks to the special young ladies that come to her program at Air Force and the very unique experiences that bond them together through collegiate training and competition. This interview is uplifting and very educational and gives one great hope for the training that is going on in US collegiate sports programs.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Randy Bloemendaal, Coach at Indiana University, is Coach Chuck kriese's guest. He goes into great detail to discuss the 'Civil War' that is raging in college Tennis over the scoring systems that have been pushed into the collegiate ranks by the ITA and an NCAA tennis committee. These scoring systems were untried, never used, not official rules of tennis and were put onto the coaches and players without input from them. This is a very heated debate about some breaches on the coaches and players rights to voice opinions. New organizations are being formed to give coaches a voice. Join this very entertaining interview on 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese.'
Coach Chuck Kriese interviews John Seketa a long time sports promoter of Collegiate Sports. John Discusses ways to make College tennis and tennis in general more attractive to fans and spectators. He sites many problems with todays sports in that the audiences have changed drastically and are much harder to reach than ever before. His innovative ideas are something that every coach and tournament director will gain important information and knowledge from.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

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OCTOBER 30, 2013; 'AMERICAN TENNIS WITH CHUCK KRIESE AND JIM POLING'Jim Poling has been a top junior player growing up in Florida in the 1960s, a college coach at 5 different schools and a teacher of tennis for many years. Jim coached at Miss. State, South Alabama, Tulsa, Rollins College and now is a West Point. Jim explains those critical stepping stones that tennis presented for him throughout his life and explain why it is such an important sport for young people to play. He gives examples of his own children and the different paradigm that he has when it comes to their play compared to those things that he has to do with his college team. This is a further program in Chuck Kriese's presentation of tennis as one of the best teaching tools for young people in preparation for life.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AMERICAN TENNIS WITH CHUCK KRIESE AND BRAD EMENDORFER - OCTOBER 23, 2013 Brad Emendorfer became on of the top Junior Tennis players in the United States with limited opportunity growing up in a small town in Tennessee. He went on to play College Tennis where he was a team captain and worked his way to the top position on that team. He now runs a successful independent franchise of restaurants. He gives an account of the many lessons that he learned as a junior and college tennis player and how they now relate to those ups and downs that he experiences in the business world. This very entertaining interview is the 3rd week in a row that Coach Chuck Kriese goes into the leadership aspects that tennis teaches a youngster and how it relates to other part of life.
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AMERICAN TENNIS WITH CHUCK KRIESE AND BETSY WILLIAMS - OCTOBER 16,2013 Betsy Williams has been a CPA and a financial Planner for many years. Coach Chuck Kriese's American Tennis show interviews her as she lays out solid fundamentals of financial planning and important steps for each and every tennis play/coach to take in planning of their future financial needs. She lists 5 very important steps to becoming financially independent and also the do's and the don'ts of independent proprietorships. She explains how each player should set up their finances from the start and then how to plan for the future with their investments. This is a must show for any coach that wants to own his/her own business.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Dr. Jim Poole, one of the nations most revered specialists in the treatment of childhood ADD and ADHD, comes back to the 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' show to discuss ongoing work in the area of 'FASTBRAIIN'. 'FASTBRAIIN' is his program of treatment of the youngsters that previously were looked at as having an attention disorder DIFICIENCY. His Fastbraiin approach puts these youngsters in a positive light as he explains that the youngsters should actually be looking at this as their 'Edison Gene' gift as they learn how to use their different mental quickness positively throughout their lives. Dr. Poole came on Kriese's show on January 2, 2013 and explained the phenomena in great depth. He now talks about his new work and goes into more detail how coaches, teachers and parents can now look at what was previously looked at a deficiency and make it a Positive asset. An extremely interesting take on this area that was previously looked at as a handicap.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Jim McCready on 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese.' This is a continuation of interviews of coaches, teachers and motivators that investigate reasons for the lack of motivation in American youth today. McCready speaks from the view-point of 30 years of coaching and the teaching of youngsters, as well as the management of personnel. He gives very interesting insights as to what the changes in youngsters discipline might be ranging from it being Cyclical to the potential of our work ethic and culture being dumbed down by over-regulation. The interview is informative and entertaining as other coaches call into the show and give their opinions as well. American Tennis is a program that investigates multiple areas within the American culture and talks each week about those things that are most important to the development of tennis in the USA.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Today's show features an interview with Craig Jones, who is the USTA director of 10 and under tennis. Craig has traveled the country in the last 2 years to promote 10 and under tennis and has met with many adverse opinions on how , where and why the USTA should have this 10 and under program for youngsters. He delivers a very fair picture of the entire program and answers those questions that are most pressing about the USTA program. The most controversial part ofthis is, "Why did the USTA find it necessary to Mandate all 10 and under competition as green ball evens while not allowing Yellow ball events for youngsters." Chuck Kriese balances this debate and also allows call-ins that dispute the USTA stance on 10 and under tennis.


Coach Chuck Kriese uses the entire program to discuss the radical changes that are being made in college tennis. Recently the USTA in conjunction with some NCAA athletic directors have put forward a proposal to change the format for dual matches for colleges. The format excludes doubles from the match and is supposed to be done on a trial basis this year. In response, the ITA (intercollegiate tennis assoc) has come up with a format that has never been used in the history of tennis. In response, coach Kriese goes into great detail of what should be done to protect the game of tennis from these radical changes. This program is extremely informative to learn about the many things going on in college tennis today.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


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Coach Bryan Minton is interviewed by Coach Kriese. Coach Minton is the coach of Shelby Rogers, one of the top Women's players in USA tennis. Bryan tells the story of bringing Shelby from an 8 year old beginner to one of the top players in the world. He talks about the program of keeping things simple and showing his student the next step while allowing her to see what the future can hold by exposing her at early ages to the top players in the world as well. he also talks about the art of scheduling for youngsters at each and every stage. Bryan went out of the box and did not use the same format for scheduling that most youngsters used. He explains the steps in skillfully bringing a player through the ranks of juniors to young adolescents to the professional stages. This program teaches every coach a lot about the importance of unique handling of each and every player.


Coach Kriese has been following a pattern of 'Motivation of America's youth' as he interview Mr. Bob Verdun. Bob Verdun explains many specific aspects of why our youngsters are not as motivated to excellence as they might have been in past generations and also offers solutions to the problems. he is a former Basketball and tennis coach. His teaching inspires youth and business people alike. His old-fashioned meat and potatoes approach to motivation is quite refreshing to hear and to learn from.


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Brian Gottfried is Coach Kriese's guest on 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' program. Brian is one of the greatest players to ever play the game as he has won 79 tour events and 5 grand-slam titles. He is now a coach and inspires youth to grow to their highest levels of play through his wonderful tutelage. He speaks of what he feels are the most important aspects of bringing players up through the ranks and talks about his own experiences as well. listen to his exciting remarks and share some of the best insights ever about the game.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


John Eagleton is Coach Chuck Kriese's guest on 'American Tennis' Today. John was an All-American at Miami in the mid 1970s and was also one of the top Junior players in the history of South Africa reaching as high as #3 in the World as a Junior Player. John went on to a successful professional career and also was a coach for professional and for top junior players. John goes into great detail to explain and to teach his new system of footwork and biomechanics that he believes will revolutionize tennis technical skills.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Robert Davis has been a professional coach for 19 years on the ATP tour. He is an Author and has been published in multiple magazines and websites over the last 15 years. He has Coached Aisam Quereshi and others to two Grand-Slam finals in doubles at the US open and to two other Semi-finals at the French Open and the US open. His doubles team has also won the World ATP Masters title in 2011. He recently has started an international tennis development program in Cambodia called "From Killing Fields to Tennis Courts." He has been the national coach for 7 different countries including Peru, Panama, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Myanmar. His international travel and writing makes him one of the most knowledgeable coaches on the ATP tour. On 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' Davis gives insights to what is happening in the world of ATP tennis and thoughts about the things that might help USA tennis get back on top in the tennis world. His insights explain a road variety of things that span over the past 25 years in tennis growth around the world. This is one of the most entertaining interviews of 2013 as the wisdom and depth of knowledge are outstanding.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


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Coach Kriese interviews STEVE BELLAMY, founder and former owner of the 'Tennis Channel.' Bellamy is also the owner of 'The Ski Channel' and 'The Surf Channel.' Bellamy gives very interesting perspectives and insights about the state of American Tennis and some very concrete ways that it can improve. Kriese asks for Steve to give his insights into his entrepreneurial skills and the lesson s learned by going out on such a long limp to start these television media sites. Bellamy may be one of the best visionaries in the tennis industry today and perhaps all of the sporting world. His passion for American Tennis and College Tennis make him a vital part of the future of tennis in the United States. This is a very enjoyable and informative show.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


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Ed Dickson has been a college coach for 28 years and has also worked for the greatest mentor of coaches n the 20th century; Harry Hopman. Coach Kriese interviews Ed about his journey and what were the critical factors to his becoming a tennis coach. Ed talks about working with some of the top players in the world as a coach for Mr. Hopman and then goes on to explain those things that make the big differences between average and great coaches. His 'meat and potatoes' approach to getting things done is quite refreshing and he talks about the small details that set good coaching apart from average coaching. Ed has been interviewed earlier on 'American Tennis' with the 'Court Veterans,' which was a show that hi-lighted the wisdom of coaching greats Paul Scarpa, Ken Hydinger, Tom Higgins and Ed.

Friday, July 26, 2013


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Coach Kriese interviews Cary Davenport. Cary has created a hot-bed for tennis in the small community of Landrum, South Carolina over the past 10 years. Cary speaks passionately about how he first got things started in this upstate South Carolina town as there were no players and no coaches of the sport. He has used his energy to get hundreds of youngsters,(and their parents), started in the game. He shows how one man with passion is worth a hundred others as he explains some of the simple but basic fundamentals he uses in involving each and every individual that he can in the game of tennis. Coach Kriese has often stated on his shows that 72 percent of professional athletes come from small rural communities in America. Cary Davenport shows how to get smaller communities to embrace and to love the game of tennis as it becomes an important dimension to youngsters who may have never seen the game before. Join 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' and learn how to build grass root enthusiasm in your community.

Monday, July 22, 2013


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coach Ed Dickson is coach Kriese's guest. Dickson has coached College and high level tennis for over 35 years and brings his time tested methods of coaching to the 'American Tennis' with chuck kriese show. The very entertaining Dickson is a breath of fresh air as his common sense approach to inspiring young people to falling in love with the game of tennis is step one for each and every coach who wants to be a great teacher. This week's 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' hosts Cary Davenport, a motivator of communities and young people. Cary has created a thriving tennis community in the small town of Landrum, South Carolina over the past 5-10 years. His energy has created opportunities for hundreds of youngsters that would never have had the opportunity to play tennis had Cary not energized this upstate area of South Carolina. Cary gives his insights as to how he got tennis started where there was none and how he has sustained it and gotten it to flourish in his community. Coaches, teachers and administrators can learn so very much from listening and taking note of this wonderful work done by this 'Pied-Piper' of tennis.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews 'The Court Veterans'.... coach Paul Scarpa, Tom Higgins, Ken Hydinger and Ed Dickson combine for more than 170 years of coaching tennis experience. They bring a very unique perspective to what is going on in the world of tennis. their 'old school' methods and ideas are certainly not 'old fashioned' as they talk about simple fundamentals and things of great depth that are tried and true formulas for excellence.....this is a very fun interview as these perspectives are not heard in many forums in modern day tennis circles.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


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Cindy Brinker Simmons is interviewed by Coach Chuck Kriese. Cindy is the daughter of the great Maureen Connolly Brinker known affectionately as 'Little Mo.' 'Little Mo' was the only woman in the history of USA tennis to win the 'Grand-Slam' of tennis in the same Calendar Year. Cindy Talks about her mother and the history of the Little Mo Foundation. (MCB foundation). The Little Mo tournaments are now international and are recognized around the world for being the most prestigious events for young players. Recently, Cindy took a lone-stand to oppose the USTA's mandate to use green and red balls for young players. the Little Mo events have continued to use regulation (yellow) balls and the little Mo events have survived and prospered. This interview is one of the most interesting interviews of the year.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


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Coach Chuck Kriese's American Tennis guest is Reid Carlton, former All-American at Duke University and 2nd year tour professional. Reid was a guest on an earlier show, and he talks today about his last 9 months on the Futures tour and what it has taken him to reach the top 500 on the ATP tour. Reid has always been ranked in the top 10 in the US rankings and was ranked #1 in the US college doubles rankings as well He has made great strides and is now 43 of all American touring pros. He talks passionately about the process and what it will take him to climb to the top 100 of pro rankings. He is a man of conviction and this interview gives every youngster, coach and parent great insights into the process of being a touring professional in todays tennis world. Reid's overall knowledge and attitude toward the process are refreshing and uplifting.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


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American Tennis with Chuck Kriese interviews Mitchell Frank, the hero of the 2013 NCAA tournament. Mitchell lead the University of Virginia to its first National Championship over UCLA as he made an improbably comeback in his 'last-match-on-the-court' victory. What makes his victory even more heroic is that Mitchell suffered a knee injury last summer and 6 tedious months of rehabilitation as he came into the summer. Mitchell has a very disciplined and insightful look at how to overcome adversity and how to plan for the long-run approach to a tennis professional career. Mitchell was the #1 ranked collegiate player as a freshman at the University of Virginia in 2012 and is the only player in the history of college tennis to win both the All-American championships and the Collegiate National Indoors in the same year. This is a great show for youngsters who are aspiring to a professional career to listen to. Parents and coaches will get great insight from Mitchells experiences and words.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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American tennis with Chuck Kriese interviews Coach David Geatz of the University of Pennsylvania. Dave was formerly coach at Cornell, University of Minnesota and New Mexico. He has a great perspective on what is going on with the development of players in the USA as he has also coached overseas in Hong Kong. Dave has a straight-forward outlook on training and player development. His championship teams at Minnesota set a standard for Big 10 Play as the Gophers dominated conference play throughout the 1990s. Dave speaks about college tennis, junior tennis and what is right and what could be better. Tune in to listen to this great coach and teacher as he gives insights of truth and depth.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


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American Tennis with Chuck Kriese interviews Coach Bob McKinely. Bob is one of the greatest player/coaches of all time in USA tennis. He was the 1968 National boys champion as he won Kalamazoo. Bob went on to a stellar career at Trinity University where his 1972 Trinity Team won the NCAA championships under the tutelage of coaching great Clarence Mabry. His teammates of Dick Stockton and Brian Gottfried went on to be two of the greatest players in history. Bob reached top 50 in world rankings as a professional. Bob then went to coach at his Alma-mater Trinity University where his teams were top 5 in USA for 10 years. Bob is currently the asst Coach at Texas A&M University. His insights are great for players, coaches and parents. His directives to being a top player and his viewpoints on American Tennis are deep and accurate.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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With guest: Jerry Simmons.... Coach Jerry Simmons is a Hall-of-fame coach from LSU. During the 1980s and 1990s LSU had teams that were in the top 10 in the US 14 of 16 seasons. The driving force for this excellence was Jerry Simmons. American Tennis with Chuck Kriese asks Coach Simmons the in-depth secrets and method of building a championship program. Simmons was known as a tough-competitive coach that never settled for mediocrity and His teams excelled in the toughest conference in USA tennis for many years. The interview is entertaining as his style was not always conventional nor understood by many other coaches. This is a great interview for knowledge of a great coaches methods to help youngsters achieve greatness in the collegiate ranks.


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With guest: Kyle Bailey Today, Coach Chuck Kriese interviews coach Kyle Bailey, Director of Talent Identification and college recruiting coordinator for The Junior Champions Center in Colleg Park, Maryland. Bailey gives deep insights into a young players preparation and steps to take when seeking out a college scholarship and finding the right school to attend. Bailey also gives a great 'what to do list' when it comes to preparing during one's freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years of high school. He talks about the highly competitve nature of seeking out a scholarship in todays college market and how to compete against the foreign players who American players have to now compete with for spots on college teams. Bailey has been a former collegiate coach at American University and the University of Maryland. For the past 5 years he has focused on the training of junior players and has coached two National Champions during that time. This interview is a great one for potential college players and the parents of those youngsters.


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Coach Kriese interviews the SEC (southeastern Conference) Coach of the Year, Josh Goffi of South Carolina. Josh was one of coach kriese's former #1 players at Rival school Clemson. Josh has taken his gamecock team from a lower-tier team to a top team in the United States collegiate system in 3 short years. Josh will give insights into his training, scheduling, coaching and teaching methods of his players to get some of the best results in the USA during this short period of time. Josh also talks about US tennis in genral and what cn be done to help put the USA back on top of the world once more. A very entertaining interview, Kriese and Goffi combine for some great insights in this interview.


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With guest: University of Indiana Coach Randy Bloemendaal Coach Randy Bloemendaal is a frequent guest on the 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' show. On this particular show, Coach Bloemendaal lays out the format that would save American College Tennis, and once again help to make it the best training for amateur athletes in the world. His innovative idea shows how the collegeiate team event would stay a viable format for the college season, but how to put tournament play back into the collegiate season. The debate goes on to become once again,,,,,Is college tennis a participation/entertainment activity or is it the main training ground for US players to reach their maximum potential. There is a great deal of information in this interview for any youngster who hopes to play college tennis and also insights for collegiate governing bodies to contemplate as well.


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Coach Kriese has been talking in recent weeks about missed player development opportunities in High Schools and rural areas. Todays 'American Tennis' show is an interview of a High School star and nationally prominent junior player. This young man talks about his journey in rural Louisiana to national prominence. He talks about how his hopes and dreams were nutured as a youngster and then helped to developed at each and every stage. The program gives great insight into what it takes to go from start to finish as a tennis player in the US today. Kriese speaks about the downside of our Nations Point system structure as a self-sabotage culprit that kills creativity and energy in the grass-roots arena. A very entertaining show as the coach and the student interact freely about what it takes to get it done in our current environment of US tennis.


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Coach Kriese interviews Mike Kernodle. Dr. Mike Kernodle has been in the tennis research and development field of tennis and sports for 30 years as a Coach. a Professor of Kinesiology and sports science at Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C. Kernodle is outspoken about the lack of research behind the mandates of 10 and under tennis by the USTA and also about many of the policies presented reecently. Kernodle has served on the Sports Science comittees for tennis and voices his opinions about what the USTA does well and does not do well int he area of player development. Kernodle talks about the need for a special 'think tank' committee within the USTA to come up clearly defined objectives and solutions to the problems we face in the sport of tennis.


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Coach Kriese interviews USTA National Coach and Director of Talent Identification, Kent Kinnear. Kinnear was actually one of Kriese's former All-American Players at Clemson and played in 35 Grand-Slam events during his 11 year professional career. Kinnear talks about what the USTA is dong in terms of talent development and talent identification around the country and in particular at the 17 national area training centers that the USTA supports. He shows how the coaches and the administration of the USTA are completely vested in trying to put US tennis back on top of the world competition again. He explains the philosophy of grass roots plans and how the players are nutured thoughout their whole careers. This interview is very informitive to see what the USTA does on the inside to try to have the results that all Americans want from our tennis.


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Alex Slezak is a high school coach in Pittsburg. He also works tirelessly in the field of community tennis and has developed many innovative ways to promote the sport in his community and around the country. High School Tennis has 450,000 participants in the United States; however, only 8% of these play as many as 5 tournaments a year. This means that although multiple numbers of youngsters are exposed to the game, very few are becoming players. 72 percent of all professional athletes are from rural areas as well. This is a staggering number as the USTA has put millions of dollars into urban areas and tennis programs in Cities. These issues are discussed and Slezak has some great insights as to how to solve some of the problems on the developmental side of the game for these uncharted waters. High School and Rural areas are the sleeping giants for tennis development in the US.


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Dr. Brandyn Fisher is Sports Psychologist and director of sports perfomance at the Tennis Center of College Park, Maryland. In this lively interview, Coach Kriese gets to the brass-tack methods of training players the old-fashioned way through the sport psychologists eyes. Fisher talked about comfining his clinical knowledge of motivation with thepractical side of motivation in working with palyers who are junior players. Fisher also gives his viewpoints on the damage that is done when palyerrs take short cuts or if abbreviated scoring systems and hybrid methods of tennis events are used. This interview is a very good common sense and how to get a good handle on the mental side of player devleopment.


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Coach Kriese interviews Virgil Christian, USTA director of Collegiate and community tennis. The main focus of the interview hits upon the elements of tennis in the USA that have not been explored yet. These are High School Tennis, community tennis and rural tennis. Christian goes into great detail of how the USTA is promoting College tennis and supporting those teams that recruit and develop American born tennis players. Christian has a background as a college coach, a community tennis devleopment leader and has worked in player development for many years. His energy to help USA tennis is very contagious and attractive for the tennis public. This is a very upbeat interview that gives great hope for the future of American tennis.


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Chuck Kriese interviews Coach Dan Vonk about High School and Community Tennis in the USA. Coach Vonk is a former National Coach of the year. He has been a pioneer in the area of community tennis devopment for rural areas. His programs in south Georgia have been role models for multiple programs aorund the state. He has gone well beyond his call of duty in that he promotes tennis in some of his rival schools and for communities that he actually competes against. He talks about his frustration in not being able to get his own players enough tournament to play as the USTA point system has crippled multiple tournaments throughout the US rural area. The point system actually awards tournament point to only those tournaments that are sanctioned and follow the rules put out by the USTA. These events are usually just put together in Urban areas in todays tennis arenas. This informitive discussion gives every listener great insights into how we are holding back our own development in so many areas of the country.


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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Coach Mark Bey of Chicago. Mark has been one of the top US junior development coaches in the country for over 20 years. Mark has coached a combined 60+ junior players to Gold, Silver or Bronz ball finishes in national events. Mark is also a member of the USTA national junior commpetition committee. He gives great insights to the inner workings of junior tennis today. His ideas are refreshing but are also quite clear to the listener as he is otuspoken on each and every topic. This candid interview is something that every junior player and their parents can learn something from.


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Coach Kriese interviews Frank Costello and Pat Etchiberry on aspects of physical training of the modern day tennis player. Coach Costello earned his fame from the coaching of such greats as Olympic Champion Rinaldo Nyamia and being the director of strength and fitness for the Washington Capitols Hockey team. He was also a National champion High Jumper at the Unviersity of Maryland and has been training tennis players and otehr athletes to top sports careers for nearly 4 decades. Coach Kriese also plays a recent interview of Pat Etchiberry, widely recognized as the #1 fitness trainer for tennis in the world. Pat has coached over 40 Grand-Slam championships during his career. This program is a great learning experience for every tennis player that wants to know what it takes to be their best in the area of fitness and training.


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With guest: Lamar Daniel Lamar Daniel was the author and the chief consultant for nearly all Title IX legislation during the 1990's and early 2000s. His job was to travel to Universities throughout the coutnry and to make sure that each was operating within the law in their approach to the federal law called Title IX. He worked with virtually every NCAA conference in the country and there is no person in the United States that knows more about this history changing legislation of Collegiate Sport. Daniel is retired now and lives in Georgia. He is able to speak very candidly and openly in this interview about the impact that Title IX had on all sports programs in the United States. This legislation has shown over the years to be of very good intent, but in many cases it has been very poorly implemented with an indirect negative impact that has caused the dropping of many sports programs for men throughout the country. Daniel talks about the direct and indirect outcomes of the legislation that changed American Sports forever. Coach Kriese considers this interview one of the best of the year as it gives the inside look into College athletics and its dramatic change over the past 25 years.


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Coach Kriese interviews Mr. Dwight Rainey, the former Sr.Associate Athletics director at Clemson University. Rainey served in many capacities during his tenure at Clemson both administratively and on the coaching side of things as well. His insights about college athletics are deep and impacting as his work spanned over 30 years during the most dramatic time of change in the history of college athletics. He tells of the behind the scene problems with sports after the implementation of Title IX and the dramatic cost and expenses of conducting sports in a major sports environment of a university. His depth of knowledge is unmatched as he explains many complex issues in a very basic manner that every listener can understand. Dwight Rainey is currently retired and his interview is straightforward and candid. This is a great interview for all parents and athletes who are interested in collegiate athletics.


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Coach Kriese interviews one of the creators and innovators in the revolutionary teaching program called "GRIPS"...... Aaron Fox and Craig Signarelli created the 'Grips Program' 8 years ago after they accidentally found a great teaching tool for one of their students. They patterned the same approach taken with Karate Training and used different colored Grips on youngsters tennis rackets to show the improvement in skill acquisition and learning in the game of tennis. This program is being used around the world and is geceiving raved reviews; however,,,,,it is just as well receiving a bit of friction by established organizations as they see it as a rival to long-standing programs that promote systems over the Childs own independent initiative and desire to learn. This interview speaks to this contrasting approach to learning and applauds the independent minded approach that Fox and Ciggarelli have established as inovators. You can receive information about the 'Grips Program' by going to


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Guests this week on 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' are Coach Bob McKinley and Playing Greats, Brian Gottfried and Dick Stockton. These three tennis Icons represent and talk fondly about their Coaching Mentor and former Trinity University Coach, Clarence Mabry. One of the Greatest Collegiate Coaches of All time has passed away this week. Coach Kriese has dedicated his entire show to the memory of Clarence Mabry. Coach Mabry was the coach at Trinity University for 18 years starting in 1958. His teams finished in the final 4 17 times during that time and won the NCAA championship in 1972. This show is very powerful and impacting as these three tennis legends give personal insights and wisdoms from their great coach. It is a hope that this show will be listened to often over the coming years to remember Coach Clarence Mabry and his wonderful contributions to the game and to hundreds of players and coaches over the years.


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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Vesa Ponkka, 2011 USOC National Coach of the Year and the Director of Tennis at the Junior Tennis Champions Center of College Park, Maryland. This extraordinary interview touches multiple aspects of what it takes for a player to make the journey to Champion. Ponkka, along with Frank Salazar, has been responsible for the development of 27 US national champions during the past 13 years and has developed the top training program in the United States and perhaps the world. His work is a no-nonsense and total-player development process that develops players from the inside-out. He gives the A-Z approach to mentoring for long term development and talks passionately about the importance of coaching inspiration in the player education process. This very informative interview is thought-provoking and gives great insights to what is necessary for parents/coaches/players to know about the entire journey and process of seaching out excellence. A fantastic interview.


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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Brian Smith. Brian and Jeff Smith ( a son/father team in Central Indiana) have gained notoriety from years of solid work with juniors. They have been an in-the-trenches pair that have been responsible for State Champions, National Champions and Professional players. Brian gives some of his tips about a no-short-cut approach to bringing youngsters along from start to finish. Coach Kriese heralds his independent approach to teaching as the most important freedom that each and every coach has in the United States of America.


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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Lynn Morrell and Indiana University Coach Randy Bloemendaal.  Lynn Morrell has a very unique mentoring program based in the Baltimore area but which is conducted throughout the USA called "Kids Play for Good".  She gives great insights into the needs for mentoring and how tennis is a first line opportunity to help get youngsters connected with leadership training and how it is so much deeper than just competition.   Coach Randy Bloemendaal gives his deep insights into the problems facing Collegiate tennis today as the system of college tennis itself has drifted from a developmental approach to one of quick-fix gimmicks to try to get more people watching the sport.   He gives a comprehensive plan that could make college tennis a great spectator sport while preserving the integrity of its necessary and wonderful developmental system.  Dr. Mike Krendodle joins the show with some insights as well.


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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Coach Lin Loring and Coach Randy Bloemendaal of Indiana University. Lin Loring has served for many years on the executive committee of collegiate tennis (the ITA). Coach Loring gives a recount of the ITA's move over the Christmas Break to go to an abbreviated match system, which was a disregard to the 10,000+ signatures were in protest of such a move in June of 2012. He explains how the ITA board felt that they had to go ahead with some kind of an adjustment in response to coaches concernas at last years ITA meetings. Coach Bloemendaal disagrees with this assessment and brings forward soem ideas that he feels would be better in light of the overwhelming signature list of summer of 2012. This show shares great insights from both points of view.


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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Dr. Jim Poole, the leading expert in North Carolina in the fireld of ADD-Adhd in children. Dr. Poole is director and owner of a program that works with these children called "Fastbraiin"... His website is His approach for treatment is fromt he place where these presumable liabilities might actually be assets to success in sport and school as well. He takes the same approach from the popular book, "The Edison Gene" where ADD is actually looked at as a common advantage that very gifted individuals have. He talks in depth about the treatment of ADD-Adhd with treatments such as Music therapy; Diet; Exercise; counseling and much more before going the route of prescription drugs.


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Coach Chuck Kriese gives his "Christmas 2012 Wish List of 12 Tennis Goals" ... This list is composed of those multiple approaches Coach Kriese believes would make an immediate and deep impact for the prosperity of tennis and all American Tennis players in 2013 and beyond. His focus includes changes back to simple fundamentals for College programs; USTA incentives for those that are excellent and ways of getting away from the beauracracy of top-down management to bottom-up incentives; a re-emphysis on doubles for juniors; a return to traditional scoring systems for developmental purposes; freedom for all-instructional approaches as directed by each individual coach and much much more.

December 19, 2012

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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews touring 'Journeyman Professional Nathan Thompson' about his journey as a professional player from 2005-2010. Thompson won 15 futures events on the professional tour and reached a career high of 323 for his efforts. As this is not a high number when most look a the top players, this was the #23rd ranked player in the USA at the time and in all other sports Thompson would have become a millionaire and a National Celebrity. He explains this tough journey and travel of 32 countries during his career and many of the ups and downs in trying to sustain his travel, training and basic living on the tour. This is a very educational and entertaining video for any youngster who has professional aspirations. Thompson left the tour in 2010 to become a coach at the Junior Champions Center in College Park, Maryland.

December 12, 2012

With guest: Former collegiate coaching great Jerry Simmons.

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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Hall-of-Fame Collegiate Coach Jerry Simmons. Coach Simmons was one of the winningest coaches in the history of NCAA tennis and 2nd overall in the history of the Southeastern Conference. Coach Simmons goes into great depth about his career from his humble beginning as a volunteer coach at South West Louisiana in Lafayette, Louisiana. His unconditional methods of coaching are infamous and gave him great notoriety for innovation and excellence. He has 16 teams in top 10 in USA and was known as a great developer of talent. He was the founder of the ITF circuits in the USA for Juniors and was instrumental at getting many USA youngsters onto the international scene with their playing careers. His insights and lessons are quite entertaining and educational.

December 5, 2012

With guest: Former ITF director, international coach, clinician, and tennis ambassador Doug McCurdy.

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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Doug McCurdy. A wealth of experience and information is given on this program by one of the teaching/coaching masters of all time. There are few people in the history of Tennis that have traveled the world more to teach and to coach than Doug McCurdy. Doug was originally one of the pioneers of USTA tennis coaching as he worked for years with the USTA education and research center. he was hired to do the same type of work around the world as he was selected to be director of the ITF in the 1980s. He traveled the world as a 'pied Piper' for tennis and as an instructional expert. He literally took tennis to hundreds of coutnries that would never have had tennis had it not been for his and the ITF initiative. Doug was hired back to the USTA in the 1990s as director of player development. Under his guidance, the US experienced a resurgence of tennis on the professional scene. He has since traveled the world as an expert in tennis teaching and setting up great progams of learning and coaching for federations. On this 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' program, Doug talks about his experiences and all that he has done in the world of tennis teaching and coaching. he also gives valuable insights into what is needed for America to get back on top in the competitive tennis world.

November 28, 2012

With guest: John Eagleton, championship coach.

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On this week's 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' Coach Kriese's guest is John Eagleton, former professional player and now director of a popular high performance training center in Florida. John has recently written a much anticipated book on the modern methods and movement and strokework used by the top professionals of today's game. John came to the United States originally as a scholarship athlete at the Univesity of Miami. John is a native of South Africa. John gives some very interesting insights to the deicussion that has been taking place over the previous months about international players as recruits for collegiate teams. John stayed in the USA and has contributed greatly to the youth of America through his teaching and his coaching. Johns inisights are quite interesting as he gives his perspective of what would be the best course for the USA to take in areas of player development and the recruitment of athletes to play in American colleges. The interview is quite insightful and entertaining.

November 21, 2012

With guest: Mats Wilander.

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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews one of the greatest players in the game on this Pre-Thanksgiving special episode of 'American Tennis.' Wilander was one of only three players in history of Tennis to win two(2) grand-slam tiles on all three surfaces; (clay, Grass and hard court surfaces). The only other two were Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Wilander talks in length about his upbringing and how he learned tennis. His lvoe for the game was paramount as he describes his childhood activities and his basic early training. His excellence in Davis Cup play for Sweden was noted, but he is best known as one of the players that was able to adapt to multiple changes to the game and conditions over his illustrious career. Wilander talkks about his impact on tennis today as he mentors other young players and travels the coutnry with his 'WOW' Wilander on Wheels program to local communities. His insights as to the makings of a champion make this broadcast one of the best of the year for 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese.'

November 14, 2012

This week we discuss foreign players in college tennis with ITA representative and collegiate coaching great Bobby Bayliss.

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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Bobby Bayliss. Bayliss is the tennis coach and long time board of directors member with the ITA (intercollegiate coaches association). This is the fourth week of discussions about Foreign players occupying most of the postions in American college programs. Bayliss talks about the ITA postion and what the problems have been for many years in trying to put a 'cap' on the number of players that are allowed on each of the teams. Contrary to earlier interviews, Bayliss paints a grim picture at the chances of making a two player limit on all college teams. Earlier programs have been more optimistic about the chances of being able to limit the number of players from other countries taking so many scholarships and spots on teams from american players. Bayliss talks about the political structure of college tennis as well and this interview is quite informative.

November 7, 2012

This week we discuss foreign players in college tennis with guest National Champion Junior College Coach John Peterson.

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Coach Kriese iterviews John Peterson, long-time coach of multiple national champion Junior college teams. Coach Peterson discusses the postion that the National Junior College Tennis Assocation has taken in regard to the recruitment of foreign players to paly at the junior college level. The Junior Colleges have addopted a two-foreign-player-per-team rule and it has been quite successful. hediscusses the neccesity and the reasons for this action adn how it was implemented without much opposition during the past 20 years. Coach Peterson states that this action has been a necessity as the junior college programs were set up for local youngsters and for those Americans that needed this birdge-program to get into 4 year schools. The influx of foreign players came close to destroying the complete infrastructure of the JC system. The new rules have been very successful in resurrecting many junior college programs in the USA. This is one of a 4 part series on 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' that deals with the problems of recruitment of foreign players over American players for Colleges in the USA.

October 31, 2012

This week we discuss foreign Players in college tennis with guest Jean Desdunes of the USTA.

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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Jean Desdunes. Jean is the former coordinator of College tennis for the USTA. The options are explored to find out how and when the USTA might be able to help with the problem of recruitment of so many international players to our collegiate programs in USA. Jean talks about the efforts that are made by the USTA and how this has been addressed previously. He talks in depth about many of the issues facing the USTA and multiple solutions that are being addressed already. The USTA absolutely is a proponent of US colleges being a training ground once more for players. He gives some ideas for solutions and his insights are excellent.

October 24, 2012

This week we discuss foreign players in college tennis with guests Brian Parrot, Luke Jensen, and Wayne Bryan.

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In this very popular episode of 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese', Coach Kriese and Brian Parrot lay out the plan to help College Tennis become the training ground for America's talent once more. Luke Jenson is also an advocate of American Players getting the first shot at american scholarships as he has recruited american girls exclusively at his collegiate program at Syracuse. Luke, Parrot and Coach Kriese are joined in the broadcast by Wayne Bryan, who has been an advocate of americans first for college tennis for years. The discussions are intense and emotional as the discussion centers around ways to help limit the overabundance of foreign players on college programs. This is a great program for information and knowledge about the problems that keep American Colleges from being the training ground for top US talent as they had been in earlier years.