Monday, June 23, 2014

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Show of June 18, 2014; American Tennis witgh Coach Chuck Kriese: Guest Mike Gandolfo Talks with Coach Chuck kriese about his legendary collegiate career in coming up the ranks so quickly and the work ethic and pursuit of excellence involved. Mike also talks about the fathering of young athletes and the critical work and patterns of coaching vs. parenting that are necessary for growth and development. This show gives great insight into what it takes to become excellent in any endeavor and the the fine line that must be walked when trying to get one's youngsters to follow their sporting dreams as well.

Monday, June 16, 2014

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American tennis with chuck kriese show of June 11, 2014; Guest is Coach Larry Hubbard. Coach Hubbard has coached for 30 years and brings his depth and insights into the on-going Saga of the ITA mandate for scoring. The on-going battle of college tennis is on!!!! The MDTA is fighting against the Mandate of the ITA. The ITA has gone against 81% poll of Student-athletes against the Mandate. Hubbard who is a veteran coach of College at many levels. His insights give hope and give those coaches and students the facts that are needed to take a stand. This is a very entertaining show as Hubbard is quite outspoken.
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Coach Randy Bloemendaal is coach kriese's gues on 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese;' June 4, 2014 show. On-going discussion about the Radical Mandate that the ITA has pushed through for the scoring systems of tennis matches. In a non-parliamentary manner, the ITA continues to push it's power upon the Collegiate programs with abbreviated scoring systems that were never discussed, nor voted on by the Division 1 Men's coaches. Coach Bloemendaal lays out the complete story of what has happened; what are the ramifications if nothing is done about it; and what is the course of action that all concerned individuals need to take part in.
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American Tennis with Chuck Kriese and Coach John Peterson; May 28, 2014 show. American Collegiate Tennis Under Fire - A continuation of the discussion of the Controversial and radical scoring mandate being pushed forward by the ITA. Legendary Collegiate Coach John Peterson is coach kriese's guest and talks about the ramifications of the abbreviated scoring systems on our game and the long term effect that it will happen if no-body speaks out and stands up against their movement. 81% of all student/athletes have voiced their disapproval and the MDTA has taken a poll that shows 65-10 against their movement as well. Get the latest on the Civil-war brewing in collegiate tennis on today's show.
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American Tennis With Chuck Kriese , May 21, 2014; Coach Kriese hosts a special on 'Division 1 men's tennis and discusses in depth the radical mandates that are being proposed by the ITA. Dr. Ray Brown joins the show with great insights to the lack of normal process that has been taken by the ITA in trying to push forward an agenda that the multi-majority of players and coaches have protested about during the past 2-3 years. For a great synopsis of the 'train-wreck getting ready to happen' in US collegiate tennis, tune in.