Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Chuck Kriese's American Tennis radio - Lawrence Roddick is the Guest , september 24,2014 - Lawrence Roddick is the eldest son in a family that has been paramount in American Tennis for the past 2 decades. He explains some great points about the amount of dedication that it took from his father and mother to train his career as a Diver, and his brother John and Andy's career in tennis. He explains also the journey that he is having to make with his own 12 year old son in the sport of tennis. He eludes to the critical component of each and every parent making their own journey with their child and how to avoid many of the pitfalls of Beauracratic influence that does not allow the streamlining of the process. A great show for parents who want to know more about the entire process of helping their youngsters through junior tennis in USA.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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American Tennis - September 17, 2014. Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Coach Tom Simpson on the implications of the ITA agenda and mandates on Division II Tennis. Coach Simpson is the Coach at Coker College and has been a teaching professional for 40 years. He also happens to be an ordained Pastor and has served as a missionary and a teacher of young people for years... This interview steps up and speaks plainly about the implications of the ITA overreach and their pushing forward of abbreviated scoring agendas for collegiate tennis. The debate continues over the 'Education vs. Entertainment' aspects of game by their initiative is pointed out in great clarity in this discussion on American Tennis.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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American Tennis with Chuck Kriese and Coach Randy Bloemendaal; September 10, 2014. Coach Kriese Hi-lites latest happenings in collegiate tennis scoring format debate. Coach Randy Bloemendaal and other guest weigh in on the state of collegiate tennis and the political structures in collegiate tennis that have worked to push forward a mandate vs. the coaches and players who have opposed that mandate and change to the fabric of tennis. Very interesting facts and points of view allow the listener to stay up with what is happening on the cutting edge of collegiate tennis.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Program of September 3, 2014. Coach Kriese interviews Dr. Ray Brown about the societal changes that has forced tennis and multiple educational/cultural developmental programs into a Dumb-Down Status. Dr. Brown is noted to be one of the most intellectually astute figures in the tennis teaching world today. His viewpoints and facts touch on issues that stimulate every tennis coach, player and parent to look inwardly to see how our society has changed so drastically and how it has now filtered down to every artistic field including sports. His insights give avenues to look to or the hope of a brighter future with our youth in America and our country's tennis world.
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Coach Kriese interviews Legendary coach Bobby Bayliss (Navy, MIT and Notre Dame) about the ITA mandate and format change for collegiate tennis. Bayliss takes an opposing view to the dilemma facing American College Tennnis than Kriese. Kriese states traditional tennis scoring as something that must be protected while Bayliss gives his reasons why the switch to a hybrid form of scoring will serve to inspire better crowds and more relevance for the collegiate game. This in-depth debate is extremely informative for learning what is on the cutting edge of collegiate tennis and the future of American Tennis.