Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Sports Podcasts with UR10s on BlogTalkRadio
American Tennis with chuck kriese; July 2, 2014. Coach Kriese interviews COACH RICHARD REYES about his training of young professional hopefuls. Richard gives some outstanding advice on how to bring players along with scheduling, planning and the right routines for success. He has had great success in the grooming of players and walking them through the maze of USA and world-wide events. His insights give the player, coach and parent perspective that they cannot find anywhere else in tennis. His philosophy of scheduling and how he mixes it with training routines are not cookie-cutter and help a player to define and understand their route to success. A great show for parents, players and coaches.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Online Sports Radio at Blog Talk Radio with UR10s on BlogTalkRadio
Chuck Kriese interviews Will Seagraves on June 25, 2014. How to bring your young player up to a high level without the conventional method of so many hoops and obstacles to jump through and over in junior tennis. Coach Will Seagraves has been a coach in the Atlanta area for several years. he talks about the high cost of training young players as he gives parents and coaches other alternatives to bring a player to the highest level. This informative program discusses the many pitfalls and obstacles that a parent or coach needs to avoid in the ongoing process of becoming a top player. It is a program that all parents who have youngsters in competitive tennis should listen to.