Thursday, February 22, 2024

Chuck Kriese American Tennis - Broadcast Feb.22, 2023 - Guest Coach Randy Bloemendaal- College Tennis has always been a staple of American Collegiate Sports; however, many coaches believe that it has now been compromised by the introduction of recreation-model marketing, training standards and abbreviated scoring methods.... Join us to listen to 'American Tennis' today as Coach Randy Bloemendaal gives insights from his 30-plus years of coaching. thanks for Listening to the 'YellaBallnetwork' and coach chuck kriese at

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

American Tennis with Chuck Kriese - Broadcast February 14, 2024 - Guest is Coach Terry Deremer: (Coaching Young people to Chase down Ecellence) - For more than 40 years, Coach Terry Deremer has built championship teams and helped develop championship young people. Today's program is a great opportunity for Coach to share some meat and potato fundamentals of building and teaching young people. Listen to American Tennis each week on the Yellaballnetwork.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

American Tennis with Chuck Kriese - College Recruiting: The Lifeline for American Tennis - Guest is Coach/Teacher/Parent Pete Bauer - (Broadcast Feb. 7, 2024) - Collegiate Tennis Recruiting is the 'Lifeline' of American Tennis. In no other arena does as much opportunity exist for growth and development of Players and Coaches. However, this is a period of time that wisdom and great forward thinking is critical. With so much change takingp\ place in all of college sports, his must be discusssed as we are in a period of time when the very survival of our sport is in jeapardy. Thanks for tuning in to the weeks 'American Tennis' and thanks for listening to the YellaBallnetwork. www.