Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Coach Randy Bloemendaal's Coach's Corner interviews Coach Chuck Kriese - Broadcast January 27, 2019 - Finding the 'Right Coach' for the 'Right Moment' in your career. Coach Randy Bloemendaal's 'Coach's Corner' gives ideas to Parents and Players how to search for, and to find, the right coach. He states that, 'It is not about comfort,,It is about getting that person that stretches the player to his/her full potential. Listen to Coach Randy Bloemendaal at 'YellaBallNetwork' every week....

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Coach Chuck Kriese's American Tennis - Broadcast of January 16, 2018 - (guest is Coach Randy Bloemendaal) 'The Three Drugs that we should be getting from playing the Great Sport of Tennis!! - The hook, or the incentive, to play sport at any level must be much more than the promise of fame or fortune. Excellence in any field of endeavor can only be accomplished when the motivation goes much deeper than material gain.... Listen to Coach Chuck Kriese's American Tennis each Wednesday on the 'YellaBallNetwork' and follow coach kriese at www.chuckkriese.net