Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Kim Gidley coach of the US Air Force Academy Lady Falcons. This enlightening interview talks about one of the greatest leadership development programs in the country for women. The program teaches young women how to use tennis on a varsity collegiate team as that tool for leadership development. Coach Gidley speaks to the special young ladies that come to her program at Air Force and the very unique experiences that bond them together through collegiate training and competition. This interview is uplifting and very educational and gives one great hope for the training that is going on in US collegiate sports programs.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Randy Bloemendaal, Coach at Indiana University, is Coach Chuck kriese's guest. He goes into great detail to discuss the 'Civil War' that is raging in college Tennis over the scoring systems that have been pushed into the collegiate ranks by the ITA and an NCAA tennis committee. These scoring systems were untried, never used, not official rules of tennis and were put onto the coaches and players without input from them. This is a very heated debate about some breaches on the coaches and players rights to voice opinions. New organizations are being formed to give coaches a voice. Join this very entertaining interview on 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese.'
Coach Chuck Kriese interviews John Seketa a long time sports promoter of Collegiate Sports. John Discusses ways to make College tennis and tennis in general more attractive to fans and spectators. He sites many problems with todays sports in that the audiences have changed drastically and are much harder to reach than ever before. His innovative ideas are something that every coach and tournament director will gain important information and knowledge from.