Thursday, August 24, 2017

chuck kriese's American Tennis - Broadcast of August 23, 2017;  "The Difference makers that make all of the Difference"  With the great technology and information explosion, multiple advances are quickly being made in the game of tennis... However; The real difference makers will always be the simple things that are right in front of us all?.   Join Coach Chuck Kriese's American Tennis every Wednesday at noon on the ''    also go to for all of coach kriese's shows.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chuck Kriese's American Tennis - Broadcast of August 9, 2017 - "Have the marketeers taken over our sport of tennis?" Every decision that is being made for the game of tennis is now being done based on numbers of participants,  numbers of champions and perhaps sadly the numbers of dollars that our sport produces.   Is this really the direction we should take if we are to honor the game?   Will our game be something of quality and inspiration for our future generations....    Join Coach Chuck Kriese every wednesday on the Yellaball network and follow his website to listen to all shows at