Monday, October 14, 2013


Dr. Jim Poole, one of the nations most revered specialists in the treatment of childhood ADD and ADHD, comes back to the 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' show to discuss ongoing work in the area of 'FASTBRAIIN'. 'FASTBRAIIN' is his program of treatment of the youngsters that previously were looked at as having an attention disorder DIFICIENCY. His Fastbraiin approach puts these youngsters in a positive light as he explains that the youngsters should actually be looking at this as their 'Edison Gene' gift as they learn how to use their different mental quickness positively throughout their lives. Dr. Poole came on Kriese's show on January 2, 2013 and explained the phenomena in great depth. He now talks about his new work and goes into more detail how coaches, teachers and parents can now look at what was previously looked at a deficiency and make it a Positive asset. An extremely interesting take on this area that was previously looked at as a handicap.

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