Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Sports Podcasts with UR10s on BlogTalkRadio
Guest: Aaron Fox of 'Grips Program' December 4, 2013 American Tennis with Coach Chuck Kriese - This is week on of a 4 special programs on Great American Tennis Entrepreneurs in America. The focus is to stimulate coaches to think out of the box and to create ways for our youngsters to love the sport and to excel. Coach Kriese's guest is Aaron Fox, one of the founders and developers of 'Grips' Program for youngsters. Aaron and Coach Craig Cigarelli have been pioneers in junior tennis training for the past 7 years as they have spread their wonderful program to youngsters, coaches and parents around the globe. 'Grips' follows closely the colors of Karate Belts that youngsters earn as they acquire skill sets in the sport. More than the level of motivation that their program provides for youngsters to learn the desire to excel in the sport of tennis, Aaron talks about the Entrepreneurial skills that has led his own motivation to do what is hard in this marketing arena of tennis. He and Craig have persevered and the fruit of their labor is coming to

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