Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Broadcast October 29, 2014; Coach Chuck Kriese and American Tennis discusses the ongoing situation with Top-Down management of tennis in the USA on multiple fronts. Mandates have been made by the top governing organizations in Junior Tennis and Collegiate tennis over the past 2 years. These have been met with tremendous resistance during this period from players, coaches and traditionalists of tennis who hope for our governing bodies to fight the war of ideas instead of continuing to issue directives. Their Call is that 'We first must Honor the Game, if it is to honor Us' Kriese discusses how the 'American Way' has been built on the initiating of good ideas into competitive arenas that ultimately allow the 'cream' of excellence to rise. He points out that we have a definite split between Ideologies of 'Entertainment vs. Education' driven objectives in our culture that has spawned the divide in Philosophies. He states, "Entertainment driven Participation will not breed Excellence, but Educational Driven Excellence will always breed Participation."

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