Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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American Tennis with Chuck Kriese Broadcast of February 18, 2015; And the Battle goes on.........Even after the directive of the ITA has been once again been defeated, they persist in force-feeding college tennis with mandates. Two days after it was decided that 'traditional scoring' would be used for the collegiate nationals in the spring, the ITA officials sent out another directive for coaches to use no-ad scoring in their non-conference matches. This slight-of-hand is over the top as it contradicts ita's own rule about two coaches having to agree to use novel formats. Coach Chuck Kriese discusses why the ITA stance is so very wrong in method and in substance. He also brings forward the '14 reasons why no-ad scoring is detrimental to the growth of the young tennis player.' Listen to this and other ur10s network programs each week.

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