Wednesday, May 29, 2013

December 5, 2012

With guest: Former ITF director, international coach, clinician, and tennis ambassador Doug McCurdy.

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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Doug McCurdy. A wealth of experience and information is given on this program by one of the teaching/coaching masters of all time. There are few people in the history of Tennis that have traveled the world more to teach and to coach than Doug McCurdy. Doug was originally one of the pioneers of USTA tennis coaching as he worked for years with the USTA education and research center. he was hired to do the same type of work around the world as he was selected to be director of the ITF in the 1980s. He traveled the world as a 'pied Piper' for tennis and as an instructional expert. He literally took tennis to hundreds of coutnries that would never have had tennis had it not been for his and the ITF initiative. Doug was hired back to the USTA in the 1990s as director of player development. Under his guidance, the US experienced a resurgence of tennis on the professional scene. He has since traveled the world as an expert in tennis teaching and setting up great progams of learning and coaching for federations. On this 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' program, Doug talks about his experiences and all that he has done in the world of tennis teaching and coaching. he also gives valuable insights into what is needed for America to get back on top in the competitive tennis world.

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