Wednesday, May 29, 2013

October 24, 2012

This week we discuss foreign players in college tennis with guests Brian Parrot, Luke Jensen, and Wayne Bryan.

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In this very popular episode of 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese', Coach Kriese and Brian Parrot lay out the plan to help College Tennis become the training ground for America's talent once more. Luke Jenson is also an advocate of American Players getting the first shot at american scholarships as he has recruited american girls exclusively at his collegiate program at Syracuse. Luke, Parrot and Coach Kriese are joined in the broadcast by Wayne Bryan, who has been an advocate of americans first for college tennis for years. The discussions are intense and emotional as the discussion centers around ways to help limit the overabundance of foreign players on college programs. This is a great program for information and knowledge about the problems that keep American Colleges from being the training ground for top US talent as they had been in earlier years.

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