Wednesday, May 29, 2013

November 7, 2012

This week we discuss foreign players in college tennis with guest National Champion Junior College Coach John Peterson.

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Coach Kriese iterviews John Peterson, long-time coach of multiple national champion Junior college teams. Coach Peterson discusses the postion that the National Junior College Tennis Assocation has taken in regard to the recruitment of foreign players to paly at the junior college level. The Junior Colleges have addopted a two-foreign-player-per-team rule and it has been quite successful. hediscusses the neccesity and the reasons for this action adn how it was implemented without much opposition during the past 20 years. Coach Peterson states that this action has been a necessity as the junior college programs were set up for local youngsters and for those Americans that needed this birdge-program to get into 4 year schools. The influx of foreign players came close to destroying the complete infrastructure of the JC system. The new rules have been very successful in resurrecting many junior college programs in the USA. This is one of a 4 part series on 'American Tennis with Chuck Kriese' that deals with the problems of recruitment of foreign players over American players for Colleges in the USA.

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