Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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Chuck Kriese interviews Coach Dan Vonk about High School and Community Tennis in the USA. Coach Vonk is a former National Coach of the year. He has been a pioneer in the area of community tennis devopment for rural areas. His programs in south Georgia have been role models for multiple programs aorund the state. He has gone well beyond his call of duty in that he promotes tennis in some of his rival schools and for communities that he actually competes against. He talks about his frustration in not being able to get his own players enough tournament to play as the USTA point system has crippled multiple tournaments throughout the US rural area. The point system actually awards tournament point to only those tournaments that are sanctioned and follow the rules put out by the USTA. These events are usually just put together in Urban areas in todays tennis arenas. This informitive discussion gives every listener great insights into how we are holding back our own development in so many areas of the country.

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