Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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Alex Slezak is a high school coach in Pittsburg. He also works tirelessly in the field of community tennis and has developed many innovative ways to promote the sport in his community and around the country. High School Tennis has 450,000 participants in the United States; however, only 8% of these play as many as 5 tournaments a year. This means that although multiple numbers of youngsters are exposed to the game, very few are becoming players. 72 percent of all professional athletes are from rural areas as well. This is a staggering number as the USTA has put millions of dollars into urban areas and tennis programs in Cities. These issues are discussed and Slezak has some great insights as to how to solve some of the problems on the developmental side of the game for these uncharted waters. High School and Rural areas are the sleeping giants for tennis development in the US.

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