Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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Coach Kriese interviews one of the creators and innovators in the revolutionary teaching program called "GRIPS"...... Aaron Fox and Craig Signarelli created the 'Grips Program' 8 years ago after they accidentally found a great teaching tool for one of their students. They patterned the same approach taken with Karate Training and used different colored Grips on youngsters tennis rackets to show the improvement in skill acquisition and learning in the game of tennis. This program is being used around the world and is geceiving raved reviews; however,,,,,it is just as well receiving a bit of friction by established organizations as they see it as a rival to long-standing programs that promote systems over the Childs own independent initiative and desire to learn. This interview speaks to this contrasting approach to learning and applauds the independent minded approach that Fox and Ciggarelli have established as inovators. You can receive information about the 'Grips Program' by going to

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