Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Lynn Morrell and Indiana University Coach Randy Bloemendaal.  Lynn Morrell has a very unique mentoring program based in the Baltimore area but which is conducted throughout the USA called "Kids Play for Good".  She gives great insights into the needs for mentoring and how tennis is a first line opportunity to help get youngsters connected with leadership training and how it is so much deeper than just competition.   Coach Randy Bloemendaal gives his deep insights into the problems facing Collegiate tennis today as the system of college tennis itself has drifted from a developmental approach to one of quick-fix gimmicks to try to get more people watching the sport.   He gives a comprehensive plan that could make college tennis a great spectator sport while preserving the integrity of its necessary and wonderful developmental system.  Dr. Mike Krendodle joins the show with some insights as well.

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