Wednesday, May 29, 2013

November 14, 2012

This week we discuss foreign players in college tennis with ITA representative and collegiate coaching great Bobby Bayliss.

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Coach Chuck Kriese interviews Bobby Bayliss. Bayliss is the tennis coach and long time board of directors member with the ITA (intercollegiate coaches association). This is the fourth week of discussions about Foreign players occupying most of the postions in American college programs. Bayliss talks about the ITA postion and what the problems have been for many years in trying to put a 'cap' on the number of players that are allowed on each of the teams. Contrary to earlier interviews, Bayliss paints a grim picture at the chances of making a two player limit on all college teams. Earlier programs have been more optimistic about the chances of being able to limit the number of players from other countries taking so many scholarships and spots on teams from american players. Bayliss talks about the political structure of college tennis as well and this interview is quite informative.

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