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June 13, 2012

With Guest: JTCC Senior Director of High Performance: Frank Salazar

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Chuck Kriese interviews Coaching Great Frank Salazar and ATP tour professional Ryan Young. This shows central focus is to learn those fundamentals of coaching and teaching that Frank Salazar used to get 4 junior players into the top 10 of the ITF world rankings all at the same time. In 2009, Coach Salazar highlighted his students at all 4 Grand Slam events. Dennis Kudla, Junior Ore, Beatrice Capra all started their tennis careers under Salazar at age 8 and Mitchell Frank started training with Salazar at age 12. Salazar’s insights include some wonderful fundamental practices of solid fundamentals followed up with insights of specific training for their individual characteristics and tendencies. He explains how he treated all of his players the same while handling all of them quite differently. He believes strongly that the fundamentals of training, work ethic, shot selection and competitiveness are all central to the players foundation, but each and every player is an individual in styles of play. The show is also joined by journeyman- pro Ryan Young.
Young has traveled to 27 countries during his 6 years on the professional tour. He has persevered through many ups and downs of the tour while building on a consistent resolve to maximize his level of play. He is among one of the hardest workers on the tour and tells some humorous stories and antidotes about what the reality of the tour is for those who are not in the top 100. Salazar and Young bring a very refreshing and humble outlook to what it takes to make it as an ‘American Tennis Player.’ Their insights were that it is hard work, good fundamentals, while allowing players to keep their own identity and unique styles that make the difference.

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