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September 12, 2012

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Chuck Kriese starts the program with a narrative about the state of American Tennis and the wide-spread top-down management style. He develops the ideas of ‘empowerment of individuals’ and praises the Maureen Connelly Brinker Foundation for their Stand to the USTA. The USTA had asked that organization earlier to change their traditions and start using green (low-pressure) balls for their competition and later came out with a memo of potential sanctions against the MCB Foundation. The MCB Foundation stood up to the USTA and stated that they would stick to their own wonderful traditions and respectfully refused that Top-Down power-play. Kriese named a mythical “American Tennis Patriot Award” for the MCB Foundation in showing their fortitude and courage, and he also named a “Barney Award” for any and all organizations that would force ones will on another’s right to make free choices; No-matter where and what the Arena in ‘Our Free USA’. Kriese also played an interview done earlier this summer with Professional coach Robert Davis about his experiences coaching in SE Asia and around the world. His viewpoints are fascinating and uplifting as he talks about his work in countries such as Cambodia, Myamar, Thailand and multiple others as he has helped tennis to reach thousands.

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