Wednesday, May 29, 2013

July 4, 2012

With Guest: University of Indiana Head Coach: Randy Bloemendaal

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Chuck Kriese interviews Coach Randy Bloemendaal, Head Men’s tennis coach at Indiana University. Indiana University’s tennis team has been one of the dynamic teams the last two years as they have become one of the best tennis teams in the Big 10 Conference and have reached the top 20 of all college teams. Coach Bloemendaal describes his philosophies, beliefs s and ideals about college tennis as a necessary stepping stone for young players in America while he offers suggestions of what might be done better. His very interesting ideas about scheduling and the restructuring of the collegiate tennis calendar offer dramatic solutions to the dormancy that has been a noticeable trend in this avenue for a players development from junior tennis to the professional ranks. He talked at length about doing those things that make a program excellent for years and not just working to make a good team immediately. He talks also about the importance of leadership training through tennis and the learning that takes place when hard and dedicated work is done.

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