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September 19, 2012

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Coach Dave Fish makes his second visit to “American Tennis with Chuck Kriese.”  The revolutionary ‘Universal Tennis Rating System’ is once again the topic of the show.  Fish is able to go into great detail of how the system would revolutionize and revitalize the game in the US.  His Concept of ‘Metro-Tennis Co-Ops’ are discussed in depth.  These local-based programs would revitalize community tennis programs and give a vehicle for each and every person in a community to be able to share play and join efforts, no matter the age, sex or experience.  One of the more interesting points is how Fish describes the breakdown and fracturing of tennis growth in the US as a result of ‘horizontal growth’ where the most wealthy get to play ITF world competition; the medium wealthy use the USTA national model as their vehicle for progression; and where the Universal System would make it possible for players to develop high level games locally as they once did 30 or 40 years ago.  His insights and explanations of how to solve multiple problems with US tennis make this a very educational program.

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