Wednesday, May 29, 2013

July 11, 2012

With Guest: CEO of the Junior Tennis Champions Center: Raymond Benton and 2012 ITA All-American Champion: Mitchell Frank

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Chuck Kriese interviews Ray Benton; CEO of the Junior Tennis Champions Center of College Park, Maryland; Also, Mitchell Frank, #1 Ranked College Player and record setter of 2012 in College Tennis. Benton shared ideas of the current success of the Tennis center of College Park and the Junior Champions Center. His main focus however was how a bottom up approach to the structure of tennis works the best. He as the first National Director of the National Junior Tennis League. He created a situation where youngsters with no previous tennis experience would compete and try to pick up the game first and then take lessons later. He stated that this structure was extremely successful as it most paralleled the way that other sports, such as basketball and baseball, are learned by youngsters. He talked in detail of tennis being a sport that each and every youngster who plays should be helping to grow. He touted the JTCC mentoring program that leads each and every youngster in the program to teach other youngsters the game. Late in the show, Mitchell Frank, Freshman All-American and record setter at Virginia talked about his freshman year and his experiences of making the jump from the junior Ranks to College. He talked about hs quest for a professional career and how he is using his college experience to bridge the gap of training and competition that is needed.

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