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October 17, 2012

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Chuck Kriese talks with Coaches Richard Rays and Chuck Waldron. In this very entertainng show, Coach Kriese hi-lites the contrast between two highly successful tennis coaches that use completely different methods to teach and to help their youngsters through the maze of tennis growth. Richard Reyes is long-time coach from New York. His Manhatten and New Jersey based teaching and coaching has produced multiple college players and Richard has also coached on the ATP, WTA and ITF junior tours. Richard describes his day-to-day struggles and triumphs in helping multiple youngsters get off and running with their tennis careers. In Contrast, Coach Chuck Waldron has been a coach in the small community of Clinton, South Carolina for 35 years. Coach Waldron has produced 103 college players from his rural program and his population of country youngsters. Waldron describes also how difficult it has been of late to get players to the levl that they need as the USTA point system has really handicapped rural american youngsters from being able to advance through the rankings. He prefers that older systems that rewarded players who would win in their home communities and states and then were able to progress though the ranks. This very entertaining show constrasts two styles of 'American Tennis' development and how a coach can be successful in both environments.

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