Wednesday, May 29, 2013

October 10, 2012

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Chuck Kriese speaks with renown multidisciplinary scientist Dr. Ray Brown regarding the science of tennis. Ray is one of the most outspoken coaches and tennis enthusiasts in the USA. His unique insights about some of the Political matters in US tennis are revolutionary and exceptionally insightful. Ray talks about the consitutionality of the USTA mandate to implement the Green balls/orange balls exlusively into the 10 and under programs. He gives the legal reasons why the mandate is an overstatement of what should have been noted as merely 'a great teaching tool' for youngsters. Ray is a daily contribute to the 'We coach Tennis' website and blogs. He is a great scholar of the game and of the political field of sport and USA. This entertaining interview goes into areas that are much deeper than most. Dr. Brown is on the front battle lines of all tennis issues and his insights are deep.

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